Staff Bios


Judy Cote

Judy is the dreamer, designer, proprietor, and renowned hairstylist behind Cashmere Salonspa. Judy earned her license in her home state of Vermont and boasts over twenty years in the industry! She gives beautiful haircuts and blowouts, but her specialty lies in creating gorgeous color with hues and dimension to complement her client's natural beauty. Customer service is of utmost importance in her book- no wonder so many of her stylist-client relationships easily transform into great friendships. Judy never fails to make her guests look and feel their best! Judy loves cooking, gardening, and anything that puts a smile on someone's face- for her, it's her children's laughter, sunshine, feel good movies, Christmas morning, vacationing, and great food.

Judy's personal style ("If it makes me look ten years younger and ten pounds lighter, I love it!!") exudes fresh, pretty confidence. She helps achieve this look in herself and her clients through extensive technique, creativity, and product knowledge. She swears by a cocktail of Aveda Be Curly Curl Enhancer and Aveda Confixor to create defined and long lasting curl. She also just cannot live without Aveda's plant and flower based skin care products.

Although she is quite the superwoman, balancing her thriving career and beautiful family with grace, Judy is team-oriented. She's worked hard to fill Cashmere Salonspa with smart, talented stylists, technicians, and managers who give the salonspa the warm, fresh, and inviting environment she envisioned. She invites you to wrap yourself in a look that's all your own at Cashmere Salonspa!


Adam Harris

Adam radiates positivity and humble confidence. This color and haircut design expert has an uncanny ability to not only boost your confidence through his styling talent, but to brighten your day- every time. His loyal clients rave that their time spent in his chair is something they look forward to for weeks, because they know they can fully count on this Nashville native to give them fresh, fabulous hair and the perfect dose of comfort, positivity, and laughter. His well-rounded education doesn’t hurt, either. After almost 10 years in the industry, Adam is fluent in Aveda, Bumble & Bumble, Bennifactor, Redken, Goldwell, Davines, and Vidal Sassoon. Would you believe that he also has an amazing smile and an infectious laugh?

Adam has known since childhood that lots and lots of hair would be in his future (not to mention on his own head!) This career just might have been made specifically for him- he loves meeting new people, helping them achieve their goals, creating, teaching, and being a positive motivational force. While he is always excited to learn and grow, we’re proud to brag that Adam definitely has a strong grip on achieving these goals. Outside of the salon, he enjoys life through traveling, gardening, fashion, music, and slightly obsessing over his two little pups!

Whether you are a man or woman, need fresh highlights or a clean, stylish cut, some new products to give your hair life (he swears by cocktailing Bumble and Bumble’s Surf Spray and Brilliantine or nourishing with Kerastase Instant Ritual Teatment,) or just someone to infuse you with positivity (his motto just happens to be, “When life hands you lemons, make a drink!”) we know Adam will live up to your highest expectations and more. He invites you to wrap yourself in a look that’s all your own at Cashmere Salonspa!

Lauren Augustine

Lauren, a gorgeous redhead herself, is one of Cashmere Salonspa’s red experts; that being said, her knack with color does not end there. Lauren entered the salon world first as management. Inspired by her co-workers, she decided to join the world of stylists, and lucky for us, she hasn’t looked back ever since. Lauren was educated at Volunteer Beauty Academy in 2003, and over the years has become a color specialist taking cues from her time at Bumble and Bumble University. Lauren also specializes in creative and classic cuts for men and women.

Lauren loves big hair and retro styles, which is evident in her creative hair and makeup work and in her own personal look. Lauren looks almost as if she’s from another era- channeling the classic Ann Margaret with her own rock ‘n’ roll twist. She achieves her own and her clients’ individual looks through a mixture of talent, a teasing comb, and of course, product. Her favorites include Bumble and Bumble’s Dry Spun Finish, Crème de Coco Shampoo and Conditioner, Aveda Control Force Hairspray, and the Kerastase Densifique line. Lauren enjoys hula-hooping, taking her pups to the park, reading, collecting vinyl, and making people pretty. Her necessities in life include her miniature Australian Shepherds, Charlie and Stella, her hula-hoop, her honey, and boxed wine.

Whether it’s that perfect apple red, that rich brown or blonde, or that attention-demanding cut you saw in your latest fashion magazine, Lauren is the girl to take you there. Her wit will leave you laughing, her talent will leave you talking, and your new look will leave you glowing. She invites you to wrap yourself in a look that’s all your own at Cashmere Salonspa!

Jenni Chindavanh

Jenni is one of Cashmere Salonspa’s go-to girls for bridal or special occasion styles. Jenni spent her childhood tagging along with her mother, who is a traditional Laotian wedding planner, and pretending to be her assistant. Her mother inspired her to enter the industry of making people feel beautiful, and Jenni graduated from Volunteer Beauty Academy for Cosmetology in 2004. She considers herself lucky, because she wakes up every day and does what she loves to do. Although her formal work has been described as “hair origami”, she also does fantastic cuts, color, and facial waxes for both men and women! Finally, as a certified Great Lengths extensionist, Jenni is a great choice for natural looking extensions.

Jenni achieves the perfect style with help from her favorite products. On men, she loves Bumble and Bumble’s Sumotech. She gives women that second-day shine with Bumble and Bumble’s Brilliantine and that perfect polish with their Classic Hairspray. Jenni considers her own personal style to be like that of a chameleon- always changing! She’s quite the fashionista and loves to try new looks. Her interests range from music to traveling to doing anything outdoors. Lucky for us, her loud and enormous family keeps her here in Nashville. She can’t bear the thought of living away from the ones she loves so dearly! And this is how she lives her life: always to the fullest, keeping loved ones close, and enjoying every day, because, “Life is short!”

Whether you are looking for that perfect formal style for the runway, aisle, or dance floor, or a cut and color to keep you looking great every day, Jenni’s your girl. She invites you to wrap yourself in a look that’s all your own at Cashmere Salonspa!

Toni Gabriele

Toni is Cashmere Salonspa’s little ray of Southern California sunshine. She grew up in the beauty and fashion mecca of the United States, Hollywood, and brought her talent and unique experience to Nashville- lucky us! Educated in multiple color and product lines, including Aveda, Bumble & Bumble, Redken, Vidal Sassoon, and Goldwell, her training and 10 years of industry experience make her quite the specialist. Toni has fully embraced Music City and it shows; her fashion forward bobs, rock n’ roll men’s cuts, and gorgeous dimensional color, including color correction for those who’ve experienced a bit of an “oops” moment elsewhere, have the music industry’s big guys and gals and (those few Nashvillians who aren’t in the business) raving about her.

Toni’s sweet personality and distinctive style are magnetic. She’s a conversationalist and perfectionist by nature, which means her clients can rely on her to listen to their wildest hair dreams, ask the right questions and make educated suggestions, and then deliver in a way that seems almost effortless! She finds this motivation in fashion trends and surrounding herself by creative people in her career and personal life. She lacks not one ounce of warmth and fun-filled energy, and we’re certain you’ll feel that energy from the moment you meet her!

Whether you are someone in Music City’s spotlights, someone hoping to be, or someone just wanting to be your fabulous self, Toni will help you get there. Although her bubbly personality will leave you in the best of moods, her talent with hair and styling should not be taken lightly- she’s a rock star in her own right! Come see for yourself. Toni invites you to wrap yourself in a look that’s all your own at Cashmere Salonspa!

Rachel Janese

Rachel Janese is Cashmere Salonspa’s Bumble and Bumble Educator and hairstylist extraordinaire. What does it mean to be a Bb. Educator? Rachel was handpicked for her technical and leadership skills, is sent to the House of Bumble in NYC for special training each year, and leads our team in keeping up with the latest and greatest Bumble product knowledge and hairstyling techniques. After graduating from Paul Mitchell the School Nashville, Rachel followed her adventurous spirit to Chicago where she began her career in hairstyling. After five years of conquering the Windy City and finding success in its high-end salon industry, Rachel decided it was time to return to her family and friends in Nashville. She brought back with her an incredible level of talent in styling, bridal and formal updos, and hair color; and we’re so proud she chose to make her career home at Cashmere!

Rachel loves a challenge, prides herself in her extensive leather boot collection, and if it wasn’t for hairstyling, she would pursue a career in baking- her cupcakes are out of this world! Her greatest joys in life are time spent with her friends and family, good books, travel, and live music. She’s inspired by love and support, new beauty trends, and the ability given to her to make others feel beautiful.

This hardworking, positive, and creative young lady strives to live life in such a way that she can be exactly who she wants to be while establishing amazing relationships along the way. This is why she loves the atmosphere of the salon; she enjoys its artistic freedom, inspirational vibe, and the creative and interesting people that surround her everyday. From creating your perfect blonde, brunette, or red to constructing fabulous short or long hair styles right on trend, Rachel is guaranteed to send you out the door absolutely loving your hair and the way it makes you feel! She invites you to wrap yourself in a look that’s all your own at Cashmere Salonspa!


Daniel O'brien

Almost everyone loves a good massage, but here’s the kicker when it comes to Massage Therapy at Cashmere Salonspa- everyone loves a massage by Daniel and everyone just plain loves Daniel, period. Daniel discovered an interest in Massage Therapy during college when he experienced the healing effect regular massage had on muscle pain after a bad car accident. He realized there was something to this ancient practice, enrolled in Advanced Fuller School of Massage in Virginia Beach, VA (his stomping grounds), and began a long and fulfilling career as a talented massage therapist. Daniel specializes in deep tissue and trigger point therapy, and has many years of experience and training in Swedish, aromatherapy, prenatal, reflexology, and sports massage therapies.

When Daniel and his fiancé decided to make a move to Nashville “just because” and we made his acquaintance, we knew that we had finally found the right person to become Cashmere Salonspa’s first massage therapist. Daniel is beyond talented; his scientific and intuitive approach to treating bodies in pain or providing ultimate relaxation is unmatched in our eyes. His approachability, professionalism, and calming nature impart immediate comfort on those he meets. His Myers-Briggs personality type labels him, “The Healer.” What more is there to say?

Daniel grew up on the East Coast; he loves the ocean, the sun, and being outdoors. He also loves playing the bass guitar, meditation, art of all kinds, and travel. He believes in creating your own destiny and maintaining openness to growth, learning, and discovery. Massage Therapy is his calling, because helping others feel better and stress-free through non-traditional methods, listening to music all day in his treatment room, and avoiding the “9-to-5-rat-race-cubicle-death” makes him happy, well, and excited about work each day. We truly believe Daniel is the best massage therapist in Nashville, and we are certain you’ll agree!


Sherron Bethune

Sherron is one of Cashmere Salonspa’s salon managers and an absolutely vital asset to the support team. Her impeccable attention to detail and organizational skills add balance and order to the heavily right-brained culture of the salon. Her years of experience in office and project management bring strong professionalism and proficiency to the team. Without her, creativity might turn in to chaos, and it wouldn’t be pretty. Sherron keeps our shelves stocked, our facility beautiful, and everything, well, very very clean!

While a clean house and an organized closet bring her the kind of happiness that few could understand, they aren’t the only things that make this beautiful lady tick. She begins most days with yoga and a cup of the boldest, richest coffee available, and loves walking outside or riding around in “Little Red” with the top down on beautiful days. She delights in dark chocolate and lots and lots of laughter. She believes the key to life is loving God and serving people and the realization that you only get one life… so live it!

Sherron finds extra joy in being a member of the Cashmere family. She loves seeing guests come in feeling not-so-great, taking them back to spend a little time with one of our amazing stylists, and then watching them leave feeling and looking like a million bucks! She gets that same great feeling with a fresh color, a fresh cut, and her absolute favorite indulgence- a luxurious pedicure from Ashley Shacklett. But, really, when we consider Sherron’s hard work, loyalty, and commitment to our team and our clients, we are the ones left feeling like a million bucks! Sherron invites you to wrap yourself in a look that’s all your own at Cashmere Salonspa!

Mary Ellen Smith

Mary Ellen is Cashmere Salonspa’s resident accountant (and Judy Randall’s lovely mother). Serving as our numbers lady, Mary Ellen keeps us all happily balanced! Receiving her accounting training at Champlain College, she recently moved down South from beautiful Vermont to be with her large family.

Her children, grandchildren, and faith inspire her daily, making her life full and happy. Mary Ellen has a wonderful outlook on life- she tries to savor the moment. This could even mean by just being aware of your surroundings, such as not missing the sound of birds singing or witnessing a breathtaking sunset. In her spare time, she enjoys travel (most recently, a Disney cruise through the Caribbean), horses, and reading. As far as relishing in the perks of being in the salonspa, Mary Ellen loves getting her hair colored, cut, and blown out with just the right amount of Bumble and Bumble Styling Lotion.

Mary Ellen is absolutely essential to Cashmere Salonspa’s technical business side, but her warmth and kindness make her a major asset to the team as a whole. She invites you to wrap yourself in a look that’s all your own at Cashmere Salonspa!

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At Cashmere Salonspa, our talented stylists and technicians offer our guests an oppurtunity to experience an array of hair services. A fresh color and cut, Great Lengths extensions or Keratin Smoothing Therapy, all leaving you pampered and at your very best. Wrap yourself at Cashmere Salonspa in a look that’s all your own!