Online Poker Agent Group. Tutorial Steps to Play AduQ



Surely you all already know that the game is now becoming a more popular game since there are Online Gambling Agents who provide this game. This is a game that is only played with 2 dominoes. In this game you need the highest card match. who wants to win if there is a similarity in numbers then look for who has a large-scale card such as a balak match. This long-standing game that Indonesians have encountered is now increasingly attracting the interest of some online gambling lovers who like to play online gambling since there were several gambling game agents. Online in this modern era.

The game Compete Q can now also be called Ceme in this new era, this game is almost the same as the game Kiu Kiu, the same but different because the game Kiu Kiu uses 4 cards and AduQ only uses 2 cards to play and can be played by nine people at most a playground is prepared for its lovers and Kiu Kiu can only be played by four people.


To play Aduq in the online game Player Versus Player played by several other people, this place and class is not difficult, because it is enough with the middle bet, some players only need the highest card to be the champion in this game, if all the cards have been separated then watch it. by the mechanism of whose card is the highest and becomes the champion and automatically the victory in the bet amount will turn to the champion as the champion.

In this AduQ game, some players cannot increase the amount of bets as they add to yell at enemies such as playing poker and dominoes, because in this game only 1 time is used for betting while nine people play to determine who wins. To become a champion, if one of the 9 players gets a high card, he becomes the winner, then the middle bet placed on the nine players will be obtained.

Steps to Play AduQ

Here are a few examples to compare who would be if they had a card of the right value so that some players wouldn’t make a mistake and feel like there was manipulation.

If we look at the picture above there are 2 players who have the same value, which is 7, but

therefore means there are 2 champions??

But you are wrong because in this game you will only be a champion. Therefore, what will become the winner is card 7 which has a deck of 6 4 because the enemy who has the same 7 card only has the biggest card 4 1. Your chances will be understand when this has been explained in detail.

If in truth there are many players who get cards of the same value but different in small and large values, therefore if in the example above the winner is the one who has log 2 because in this game the provisions are that the high card is called the high card starting from the smallest to the biggest.

Above are 4 pairs of cards that we want to use as examples for differences again. In the picture above we can see that the 4 pairs of cards have the same value but of course if there is something like this, it cannot be called a draw because we can become champions with decking matches colliding with each other or the size of the cards.

The one who will win between the 4 pairs of cards above is card 9 which has logs of 2, the card wins only because he has a log card and the others don’t exist. And the second highest is card 9 which has a head card of 6 0 and number 3 is a card that has 4 2 and the last smallest is 4 0 because the deck in the card is the smallest among others.

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